Service guidance
Customer Service

1. Receiver’s address, Phone number , Name

- Address should include details such as street/number
- In case of a company, group, please write down a person in charge and name of the department and group.
- Area code(DDD) should be included in phone number.

2. Sender : address, phone number, name
3. Item name, amount

- Item name : a type of items
- Amount : a price of items
※ In case of multiple items, each one should be marked
(In case of claim, this data information counts so please address it clearly.)
(a item amount less than 3 mill won is a subject to accept for the service.)

4. Quantity, weight

- Total quantity of the boxes, quantity of each type, and total weight should be provided.
(apply a bigger one between weight of each type and volume)

5. Attention

- Please mark if the item is fragile, easy to decompose and sensible for upside-down.
※ decomposition exemption : We are not responsible for decomposition if it shipped normally.